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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Jul 1 22:35:43 BST 2007


> Could this project please be a bit more "open" than it currently is? I 
> know that it can be pretty annoying to find a decision on a public 
> mailing list, but I guess there could be a better handling than the 
> current "closed group" decision.

As much as I despise the way this whole thing was handled - first 
deciding something without hearing or even informing the community, 
later on telling critics to shut up because they have not met some 
completely unrelated criteria - one thing is true: The ads don't 
compromise the map data. They do not appear, for example, on 

If we are unhappy with the way decisions are made with regards to 
www.openstreetmap.org, then we can just set up freestreetmap.org or 
openworldmap.org or something and put a nice start page there, linking 
to a map without ads.

Some things may be annoying but after all the whole affair is still open 
enough to allow these things.

(And Christoph, I hate to spoil your rhetoric but you cannot take back 
data that you've published under CC-BY-SA. You can delete it from OSM 
but I'd then feel compelled to take an old planet file and load it up 
from there...)


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