[OSM-talk] advertising

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Mon Jul 2 00:47:08 BST 2007


> > Sorry, this also has nothing to do with ads on the project's main  
> > page.
> > I guess you are pretty aware of which people are doing the work in
> >   this
> > project. As Fred mentioned, people have to deal with their  
> > resources. I
> > have contributed huge amounts of data, helped on software, spread
> > the word, helped on organizing mappings and held talks. Thus I
> > cannot acquiesce the argument that I am not allowed to complain on
> > ads because
> > I didn't help organizing the SOTM conference (BTW, I spend holidays
> >   and
> > travel expenses to attend the conference).
> No no, I'm not saying you or anyone else aren't allowed to complain.
>   Please do, I'm just not going to listen if it's not constructive or
> making personal attacks.

* What excerpt of my post do you refer to? I cannot see any relationship 
between my text you quoted and your answer.
* I tried very hard to be as constructive as possible. Can you point me 
to a destructive section?
* Can you point me to a section where I did a personal attack? I tried 
my very best to avoid it.

I somehow feel we are talking at cross-purposes.



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