[OSM-talk] Streets with multiple names

Alex S. maps at swavely.com
Mon Jul 2 04:50:02 BST 2007

How does one handle streets with multiple names?

There is one street in particular that I'm concerned with - it has three 
names due to the fact that it straddles the county line.

The street runs east-west.  The north side of the street is called one 
thing - being the southern edge of one county - and the south side of 
the street is called something else, being the north edge of the other 
county.  Also, it's a state route, so it has yet another name.  It's one 
two-way road with no center barrier, so it's not really two one-ways.

Here's a view of the street on Google Maps that shows all the names of 
the street on top of the aerial imagery that shows the street makeup:

When I go there to get the gps trace, I'll take a picture of one of the 
street signs that also shows it.

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