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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jul 2 12:11:13 BST 2007


> from this POV (distinguishing between the OSM community and OSMF),  
> then has "hijacked" the openstreetmap.org domain at some point in  
> time.
> Why did OSMF not register an extra domain like osmf.org for their
> purposes? Can anyone savvy comment when openstreetmap.org was
> transmogrified from the community to the foundation?

Well, since the project itself doesn't have legal status, the domain  
was probably "lent" to it by Steve or Nick or someone, and was  
technically their private property. Which is how all these things  
work - if I had incorporated a company or foundation for every little  
project I started then I'd probably be spending all my money on   
lawyers and accountants by now ;-)

(Judging from the whois record, it still is Steve's private property  
but re-reading 80n's post it talks only of the foundation being  
"custodian", not "owner" of the domain name.)


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