[OSM-talk] advertising

Dave osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Mon Jul 2 14:27:37 BST 2007

> from this POV (distinguishing between the OSM community and OSMF), OSMF
> then has "hijacked" the openstreetmap.org domain at some point in time.
> Why did OSMF not register an extra domain like osmf.org for their
> purposes? Can anyone savvy comment when openstreetmap.org was
> transmogrified from the community to the foundation?

It's a little difficult for a community to own anything. A community
cannot set up a server, or register a domain. Anything you are
thinking of as community resources in this regard are either owned/run
by community members or the OSMF.

openstreetmap.org was registered by Steve in 2004. I suspect he can do
anything with it he desires. I don't know what the official position
is, but I'm guessing that openstreetmap.org has been under the
effective control of the OSMF since it's inception.

The OSMF is clearly there to represent the community, and to further
it's goals. But that doesn't mean it /is/ the community. And it
doesn't have exclusive rights over the data either. It's providing an
"official" front page for the project, and the servers etc to back
that up. From that point of view it can do anything it likes with
those resources. The situation has never actually changed -- before
the OSMF, it was probably just up to Steve/whoever. Now there is
apparently some voting, and open membership for a £15 fee per year, so
you're considerably better off than before.

There are obviously some issues to work out here, such as OSMF
transparency (most of us were only vaguely aware of its existence, and
there was no real information about it till pretty much yesterday), or
whether to put ads on the map, but you can hardly claim anything was

And for the record:
 - I'm not a foundation member
 - I don't really like ads on the map, I don't mind ads round the map,
but I feel on makes it seem like the point of the project, which it
clearly isn't.


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