[OSM-talk] OSM on Mobile Phones (and beyond!)

Jason Reid osm at bowvalleytechnologies.com
Tue Jul 3 15:42:37 BST 2007

Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
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> tim wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In preparation for my talk at SOTM on "OSM on Your Phone", I'd like to
>> know if you've come across, used, or have thoughts on Openstreetmap
>> with mobile phones.
>> Show of hands, ideas, thoughts, experiences and hacks, recording
>> tracks, displaying maps on common Java enabled phones,
>> embedded/bluetooth GPS, on newer smart phones, whatever!
>> Ideas about how the iphone (when it gets a GPS chip) or the cooler
>> OpenMoko phone (it has one already) and openstreetmap would be great
>> too!
> You do know about the Nokia 770/N800 and the maemo mapper application,
> don't you?
> A random screenshot I found is e.g.
> http://eko.one.pl/files/n770/maemo-mapper/maemo-mapper-gpsinfo2.jpg
> Uses bluetooth GPS and can display Google maps but also works flawlessly
> with OSM. I use it to record tracks for OSM.
> spaetz
Same here, I have the N800 model and a bluetooth GPS. For now just using 
Maemo-mapper for viewing the map (via tiles downloaded to its SD card 
prior to going anywhere) and also for recording my gps track logs. Works 
very nicely, and with the supposed upcoming java port to it (a variant 
of J2ME, not the full J2SE) it may be possible to create some more 
'on-the-go' type mapping software.

-Jason Reid

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