[OSM-talk] advertising, Money: for which purpose and how much?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jul 3 20:45:35 BST 2007


> Also Potlatch (or its users) might have a problem if it takes minutes
> for uploaded data to become available.

I still believe that replication would be sufficiently fast to be 
negligible compared to turnaround times in editors (even if someone does 
the conflict check in JOSM, going through the conflicts and resolving 
them will take him much longer than the replication time).

But even if this should turn out not to be the case, and if editors 
would really have to access the "master" for the time being, then we 
could still move the non-editor read requests (e.g. by tiles at home 
clients) to the replicated server, and also server a number of off-site 
"feeds" from there, e.g. one feeding a live Mapnik system and other nice 


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