[OSM-talk] middle aged car driving golf players?

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Tue Jul 3 22:18:45 BST 2007

Oxford Street in London must be one of the more famous and busy shopping
streets in the world, but on Google Maps it is shown very narrow because it
isn't a route that can be driven along. See how it shrinks to a thin line as
it becomes pedestrian. Regent Street is also a famous shopping street but
you can drive on that one so it is very prominent.




The Millennium Bridge (http://www.urban75.org/london/millennium.html) in
London must of the list of 'top bridges' built in past 10 years but it isn't
shown either on Google Maps (TeleAtlas) or Local Live (Navteq) because you
can't drive along it (although it is clearly visible from the aerial
photography layer.




In my home town of Ipswich Google Maps (TeleAtlas again) shows in detail the
layout of the inside of the main multi-story car-parks, but fails to show
the pedestrian routes into town from these car parks! See OSM for


177&zoom=17&layers=0000F0B> &lon=1.156257140529177&zoom=17&layers=0000F0B


The more one looks the more bizarre things turn up. For example in Cambridge
Google Maps doesn't show any parks or greens but does show the 'Lakes' golf
course; clearly one of key tourist attractions of the place, well it is an
ok 9 hole course that is about 10 years old, slightly younger than some of
the other attractions in the area. 




It seems that the current web maps are for middle-aged middle-income
golf-playing car-driving men. Just a guess, is there any other evidence out
there to confirm or contradict this hypothesis?







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