[OSM-talk] question about some "Standards and Conventions"

Johan Huysmans johan.huysmans at x-tend.be
Wed Jul 4 11:26:07 BST 2007

HI All,

I have some questions about topics on the Standards and Convetions wiki 

For the dual carriageways is there a way you can align them correctly 
very easy (with JOSM)? (align = pair the nodes and make sure they are 
Is there a minimum distance between those 2 ways because they are 
rendered above each other.

How do you exactly tag the ways of a roundabout?
For the mini-roundabout this is mentioned, not for the larger roundabouts?
This should be added on the wiki page!

How do you make junctions in dual carriageways?
Which name and which highway tag must they have (the tags from the dual 
carriageway or the crossing way)?
This should be added on the wiki page!

Thanks for the information,
Johan Huysmans

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