[OSM-talk] Using tile.openstreetmap.org for external applications

Dominic Hargreaves dom at earth.li
Wed Jul 4 14:35:27 BST 2007

I would like to integrate use of tile.openstreetmap.org, via the
Google slippy map browser[0], into OpenGuides[1] (currently I'm using
some out of date mapnik demo data[2])

I looked on the OSM wiki but couldn't find any information that looked

What is considered acceptable use of tile.osm for this sort of
application? Is tile.osm considered an open resource that can be
referenced from anywhere at present, or are there bandwith/other
limitations that would make this inappropriate? Are there any plans in
the pipeline to mirror the rendered tiles across different servers?

I would like to use the official OSM tileset (mapnik) but I don't wish
to cause undue load on the tile server.



[0] a la http://media.mapnik.org/oxford-osm.html
[1] http://openguides.org/
[2] http://oxford.openguides.org/wiki/?action=index;format=map

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