[OSM-talk] AND donate entire street network of Netherlands to OSM

A Morris aledmorris2 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 15:35:40 BST 2007


Presumably this will force the issue of of a richer data model?

Can we get AND to post a smallish sample of the data that they are donating,
so that we can see what kinds of data will need importing?


On 7/4/07, Steve Coast <steve at asklater.com> wrote:
> OSM Founder makes another unilateral decision...
> http://www.opengeodata.org/?p=223
> *AND donate entire Netherlands to OpenStreetMap*<http://www.opengeodata.org/?p=223>
> Automotive Navigation Data <http://www.and.com/> (AND) is a leading
> provider of location, routing, mapping and address management are donating
> a street network of the entire Netherlands<http://www.and.com/company/newsletter/newsletter10/art01en.php>.
> Yes, an entire country.
> This is basically phenomenal.
> We'll have our first country complete from this data, which AND and I want
> to work with the community to import. This is not least because fantastic
> work has already been done in Amsterdam<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Amsterdam>and elsewhere by the Digital Pioneers supported openstreetmap
> netherlands <http://www.openstreetmap.nl/> community. AND will be at the State
> of the Map <http://www.stateofthemap.org/>, and you should be too
> Here's the press release:
> *AND and OpenStreetMap join forces to create digital maps*
> Rotterdam - AND Automotive Navigation Data has agreed with the
> OpenStreetMap Foundation to donate digital maps of the Netherlands, China
> and India to the OpenStreetMap community. The aim is to create the most
> up-to-date map in the market. With this partnership AND recognizes the power
> of a community and the Web 2.0 developments.
> OpenStreetMap gives the community the opportunity to create maps with
> up-to-date geo-data and shows the results immediately. Pure community
> collaboration at its best. "Overall we want to enable users of mapping data
> to also be contributors, from reporting errors to doing full surveys."
> According to Steve Coast, one of the founders of the OpenStreetMap project.
> "It is known that a small percentage of a map is not representing the
> present situation. With the help of the community AND aims to close this gap
> and be able to a deliver a map that is 100 % correct." According to Maarten
> Oldenhof, CEO AND Automotive Navigation Data.
> According to Wikipedia Web 2.0 refers to "a perceived second generation of
> web-based communities and hosted services - such as social-networking sites,
> wikis and folksonomies - which facilitate collaboration and sharing between
> users." AND is busy today with the process of bringing maps online with the
> possibility of online user generated updating. "We think Web 2.0 will be
> the ultimate tool for map updates. With this partnership we work with the
> people that have a keen insight into how a community works around maps"
> according to Maarten Oldenhof.
> Initially, AND will make its street level data of the Netherlands and the
> major road networks of China and India available to the OpenStreetMap
> community. "We are very happy with the map donation of AND. With this
> additional map data we hope to create a bigger mapping community and be able
> to cover more and more areas" according to Steve Coast.
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