[OSM-talk] talk Digest, Vol 35, Issue 32

Yann yann.hamon at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 17:12:49 BST 2007

> Oh, and all the details about how to make a donation are here:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Donations

One thing at a time, for the moment I am looking for a *cheap* bed &
breakfast in Manchester ^^ - if the trip becomes definitely too expensive
for me I will consider giving some money to the foundation instead.

> BTW, how can I get involved in managing/monitoring the soservers?
> Tuning mysql and apache configurations would make sense before
> buying hardware.

ask NickH or TomH they've been doing exactly this.

Happy to ear that :) Is there a way I can contact them more directly than
mail, like IRC or instant messenging?

Look, the ads will likely get taken off _anyway_. You don't need
peoples words, or to tie it just to the magic issue of two servers.

Happy again to ear they may get away! - we may discuss the issues live in a
couple of days anyway :P I am pretty confident OSM can live on a fundraising
model; wikipedia has been running for a long time on that model, and so are
a lot of other websites, we should at least give it a try :)

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