[OSM-talk] IBM Thinkplace Proposal

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Thu Jul 5 14:06:16 BST 2007

tim wrote:
> A very interesting proposal, one that has revelance towards GIS and
> developing countries ( have a look at http://www.web2fordev.net also)
> I like the idea of a replication server (but probably isn't needed at
> this point)
It depends what it's being used for.  The current server works well for 
editing and simple queries where data in a bounding box is returned.  
However it is not suitable for performing more specialised queries.  For 
example, show me a map of local water wells and roads but leave out all 
other information.  This was why we drew in a replication feed so that 
we could store the replicated data in a database schema more suitable 
for the types of queries expected.  This leaves the core OSM database to 
focus on editing.
> I agree with Steve's comment about increasing training in the use of
> GPS and mapping.
> How to you envisage people using SMS? To add data? Would they have a
> gps unit with them?
I believe it's unlikely that we'd get much useful OSM style mapping data 
from SMS.
The main type of data capture we've thought about are time sensitive 
information reports.  An example would be reporting violence.
Locating the mobile obviously represents a challenge.  Possibilities are 
GSM triangulation, or something the user enters such as a place name 
perhaps?  It's fair to say we haven't solved this yet ;-)

SMS may be more useful for queries however.
It would be possible to return a list of doctors within a 5km (or more) 
radius for example.  This type of information lends itself more readily 
to a text interface.
> Using j2me enabled mobile phones with bluetooth gps may be one way to
> utilise mobiles fully.
We'll need to look into the capabilities of mobiles more.  We have a guy 
who initially proposed the use of mobile phones but unfortunately he's 
been tied up for the last week.  I've been reading mobile phone threads 
with interest ...
> regards,
> Tim

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