[OSM-talk] advertising

graham graham at theseamans.net
Fri Jul 6 14:48:00 BST 2007

Nick Black wrote:
> On 7/6/07, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> Stefan Baebler wrote:
>>>> b) There should be a friendly way to hide the ad layer, or users
>>>> *will* find one.
>>> Go to the layer control in the top right and deselect 'mappam'.
>> Seems like the programming gurus at OSMF
> There you go again, Frederik, FUDing away.  Its not enough that there
> is an Evil Steve conspiracy against you, now its OSMF working in
> league with the evil Mappam.

Sorry Nick, I'm getting confused here - how do I deselect the ads now? 
The only layer option I'm getting is 'markers' which doesn't affect the 
ads (I don't mean I'm subscribing to the 'evil mappam' view, I suspect 
it's either a bug or me not seeing something obvious)


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