[OSM-talk] ads removed

Andy Allan gravitystorm at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 15:17:42 BST 2007

On 7/6/07, Steve Coast <steve at asklater.com> wrote:
> After a week's trial and discussion I've removed the ads.

That's a shame. Don't get me wrong, I hated them from the start
(although loving the nestoria pages!), but I think the way things have
panned out over the last week discourages experimentation.

Hindsight, 20/20 and so on, but I think some advanced warning and
discussion would have been better, along with a minimum length for the
trial (of at least a month?) stated up front. I know my reactions
would have been completely different if it was "we're not sure about
whether it's a good idea, shall we give it a go and see?" rather than
the use of the OSMF as a screen for unilateral action.

Still, lessons to be learned for next time, and I hope you or other
people come up with some more novel ideas for raising money - and with
a little more delicacy and a bit more tolerance from the community we
can cope a bit better in the future.


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