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Sebastian, you should focus on mapping cloud-cukoo land.


Paul Y

On 7/6/07, Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at sspaeth.de> wrote:
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> paul youlten wrote:
> > Let's not get distracted by smoking... let's stick to maps.
> >
> > So here is the thing: Maps and commerce are closely linked. Always have
> > been;
> agreed up to here. But that is actually one of the reasons why OSM
> exists (at least for some of us). To decouple the maps from commerce and
> make them a true public good.
> > always will be.
> No. See above.
> > Commercial services very clearly add value to maps used by car drivers:
> > A road atlas without ferry links, toll bridges, motorway service
> > stations, petrol stations isn't as valuable (to drivers) as one with
> > this information.
> You use google for searching, right? Why do you use a search machine
> that ranks according to some kind of objective merit, rather than a
> search engine that spits out links first where a company paid most for.
> I am not saying that advertizing as long as it is clearly marked as such
> (as google does) is bad per se. But your argument is rather weak, as
> this is no added value, it only provides a very biased value added: info
> on those companies who have shelled out most.
> Of course, I want all fast food places displayed. But if McDonalds pays
> Mappam to not show any BurgerKing places, then I'd rather not have any
> of that "information". Thank you.
> OK, done. I'm not going to comment on Mappam anymore.
> Spaetz
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