[OSM-talk] Move leisure=slipway to waterway=slipway?

Stephan Schildberg schildberg at scoid.de
Sun Jul 8 08:41:12 BST 2007

Yes, but I would prefer to the choice of  a more granular view up to the
individual mapper. For some of us the joy of participating on this
really useful and neccessary project is to work on an individual level
of pretence. We have got different qualities anyway.
Some if not any of us want to have the feeling for themself that they
have done their best to make a good map. Most from us are new to
mapping, but we love good feature rich maps and we care for it.


>> highway=slipway?!? And in the background you here Bruce Springsteen
>> singing: "I'm going down, down, down, down ..." ;-)))
> http://cartalk.com/content/read-on/1999/01.15.html

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