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Mon Jul 9 16:33:57 BST 2007

Dear OSM Community,

Hereby the first response of AND Automotive Navigation Data.  We have
noticed that it is rather unclear what data we will donate.  Regarding China
and India, we refer to the AND Worldviewer to be found via

The dataset of the Netherlands will have more details and is comparable to
the maps that can be found via http://worldviewer.and.com/citymaps.aspx.  The
map we have donated is optimised for vehicle route planning and consists of
the whole country on street level.  We believe that only a community like
the OpenStreetMap community can complete this map to 100% and keep it
up-to-date as municipalities continuously work on the road network.  Besides
this, the community can consider adding bicycle lanes, footpaths or POI's
such as restaurants, shops and mailboxes to the map.  Also traffic lights,
zebra crossing could be added to optimize the average speed on a road.

We aim to release the format description today (9 July).  With this format
description the community can discuss how to import the AND data format into
the data model of OpenStreetMap.  By the end of this week AND aims to
provide either a data sample or the entire network.
Obviously, we will be visiting OpenStreetMap conference in Manchester.
Regards, Arjan
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