[OSM-talk] State of the Map talk and OS copyright question

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The Edina/Digimap licence for Educational users states that you may:

3.1.11 publicly display or publicly perform parts of the Licensed Work
and Digital Maps as part of a presentation at a seminar, conference, or
workshop, or other such similar activity;

Unfortunately, according to the Edina website your institution is not a
paid-up member of the scheme.

However, according to OS website you can copy OS maps for
"criticism/review" as long as you credit accordingly, see extract from
t&c below:

Fair Dealing and copyright

You can make copies of Ordnance Survey mapping in accordance with the
principle of "fair dealing" set out in the Copyright Design and Patents
Act 1988. This entitles you to make copies for the purposes of
criticism, review, news reporting, research for a non-commercial
purpose. If you make a copy for any of these purposes you must, where
possible, provide an acknowledgement in the following form: "Reproduced
by permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of HMSO. (c) Crown copyright.
All rights reserved." It is your responsibility to ensure your
activities comply with the relevant statutory provisions.  Where further
copies of these maps are required permission should be sought from us
and a charge may be made if further permission is given.

I shall be using one OS image in my presentation at SOTM under those
terms, although I also meet the terms of Edina licence through my


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Hello everyone,

As part of my SOTM session I'd like to use an example of some of the 
advantages of OSM mapping versus Ordnance Survey, using the Lake
mapping weekend as an example. What I propose to do is show a Freemap or

Osmarender map of the area and mark on - for the purposes of the talk -
position of the footpaths according to the OS.

I guess this is technically breaking copyright but would it be OK just
for the 
purposes of the session? It would be a bit difficult to illustrate the


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