[OSM-talk] borrowing a bicycle for frida v at stateofthemap

Luka Frelih luka at ljudmila.org
Tue Jul 10 19:32:13 BST 2007

hello everyone, especially manchester natives and bikemappers!

i'm coming to the conference this weekend and bringing along my Frida V 
bicycle mapping gear.
you can see some details about it on the project site 
it would be great to have it in action there to try out and not just its 
parts on display.

so i am looking for someone who could lend a bicycle to mount Frida onto 
for the duration of the conference - from friday to sunday. ideally it'd 
be a womens city bike, but really any bike will do as long as it has a 
rack on the back. there is a box that comes on the back, a control panel 
that goes on the handlebar and a camera that mounts at the front of the 

let me know if you could help, in private mail or on this list!

also looking forward to all the feedbacks youll have on what it needs to 
make it a really good livemapping tool for openstreetmap. right now it 
is more geared towards wifi spotting and psychogeography.


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