[OSM-talk] no replay-to header at talk

Raphael Studer studerap at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 08:59:25 BST 2007

> > "It adds nothing": Simply untrue. It adds a feature that many users
> > simply seem to expect - pressing reply will send a mail to where they'll
> > expect it to. And as I subscribed to a mailing list, replying to mails
> > I've received from it will get back to this list and nothing else.
> What they expect is solely a matter of education. I for one would not
> expect the reply to go back to the list if I hit "reply".

What i expect when i hit "reply" is, the mail is going to where its coming from.
In case of a discussion mailling list (as talk at osm) the mail comes
from the list.
In case of a anounce list, the mail comes from the author.

> > "Freedom of choice": Utterly untrue. The sentence should be: "All
> > responses as default should go to where the user expect it to go to.".
> > Again, there seems that most users expecting it to go back to the ML and
> > *not* to the originator - by default.
> While I do disagree with some points in that referenced document I do
> like the choice. I am very used to use "reply all" when mailing to a
> list, and "reply" when wanting to reach the author of the mail
> privately, without having to manually copy over the e-mail-address.
> Having no serverside supplied "reply-to:" gives *me* that choice without
> additional effort.

On a talk list, what will your choice be? Mostly reply to the list, woudnt it?

> This isn't a linux vs windows thing, it's a "I care" vs "I don't care"
> thing. Yes it should work without giving it much thought, the machine
> should adapt to the user, not the user to the machine...

The machine should adapt to the user, for me this means, the machine
should do what i expect from it.

> > Sorry to be ranting loudly, but this all seems way too much elitist talk
> > to me.
> [...]
> While I don't agree with some of the reasoning in that document I still
> believe in choice, and that requires an educated user.
> Yes it would be nice if things would "just work" but I don't like this
> "users are too dumb to learn" because that's just insulting.
> So what it basically comes down to is "it's a matter of opinion" so this
> is basically something the majority can decide.
> I vote for "no" reply munging, as it makes *my* life easier and the
> privacy of me and others safer.

I vote for "yes" reply munging, as it makes *my" life easier and the
pricacy of others safer.


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