[OSM-talk] Yahoo approves of JOSM plugin

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 12 18:31:31 BST 2007

> Great news Mikel.
> For clarification with respect to the gpx overlay limit, does this mean that
> I would need to wait 6 hours or more before using a gpx trace I've gathered
> from a mapping session over the Yahoo imagery? If so then that's a pretty
> small restriction but one we should make everyone aware of.

No, we can use the GPX traces immediately. 

The issue was that the Yahoo ToU states that their API can not be used with GPS readings less than 6 hours old .. this is due to conditions with their data providers, which are in place to protect certain business interests. They want to prevent the API from being used for in car navigation. As OSM is neither using the API in this manner, nor even using the street data, Yahoo has clarified that we are ok in our use.


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