[OSM-talk] Yahoo approves of JOSM plugin

Nic Roets nroets at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 11:58:08 BST 2007

> Hm, yes. I guess so. People could download Yahoo images via the API
> while plotting tracklogs via livegps plugin and use this to navigate,
> e.g. make sure they don't drive streets twice.

IMHO mappers would find it easier to trace the roads from Yahoo image
before they head off. Those traces are then licesenced as CC and not
subject to the Yahoo! terms and conditions.

And if you didn't trace the area beforehand and need directions, it
will be much easier to stop and ask for directions or to buy a printed
map of the city.

YWMS should state that the images are subject to the Yahoo! terms and
conditions and it should be up to each user to interpret them (or
obtain legal advice).

Let's not scare Yahoo! away by speculating how we could inadvertently
violate the terms and conditions.

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