[OSM-talk] trackpoints in JOSM

Stefan Baebler stefan.baebler at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 07:56:28 BST 2007

Ideas for JOSM (plugin?):
GPX speed filter: user would define a speed range that he's interested 
in and the plugin would hide the other trackpoints. Eg walking in the 
dense city center can make a cloud of trackpoints, which are hiding the 
ones gathered by driving on the roads (for mapping the road a 10km/h 
drive on the road is better than 5km/h walk in the park nearby)

Instead of totally hiding the points they could be drawn dimmer (for 
orientation), or even colored based on speed.

Core JOSM bug: drawing lines between raw gps points should not draw too 
long lines (eg where the unit was turned off or signal was lost for a 
longer time, eg 1 min or more between trackpoints).

I believe this would also get rid of the annoying lines from one edge of 
the bounding box to the other edge of the bounding box in case not all 
trace fits inside a bounding box


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