[OSM-talk] trackpoints in JOSM

Stefan Baebler stefan.baebler at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 07:29:00 BST 2007

Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> On 7/14/07, Stefan Baebler <stefan.baebler at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Ideas for JOSM (plugin?):
>> GPX speed filter: user would define a speed range that he's interested
>> in and the plugin would hide the other trackpoints. Eg walking in the
>> dense city center can make a cloud of trackpoints, which are hiding the
>> ones gathered by driving on the roads (for mapping the road a 10km/h
>> drive on the road is better than 5km/h walk in the park nearby)
> For stuff coming from the server there are no timestamps, so if this
> could be implemented it would only work for traces you load yourself.

Then maybe api could be enhanced to (optionally) serve also timestamps, 
as they are no secret (one can easily get whole GPX from the web, 
automating the process based on GPX tags or starting coordinates). It is 
essential to have timestamps in order to connect the dots nicely, or 
gaps in traces should be indicated in some other way, to make the 
"connect the dots" JOSM feature useful.


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