[OSM-talk] Potential problems moving/depreciating map features tags.

David thewinch at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 14:31:12 BST 2007

On 7/13/07, Dave <osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk> wrote:
> Map features isn't a piece of consumer software, it's more like a
> public API. You keep API changes to a minimum, and tend to work around
> make backward incompatible changes. API's that don't follow this
> principle don't tend to get used.

To continue the API analogy there is no reason why editors like JOSM
can not wrap map features "API" and smooth out the wrinkles. The
problem after all occurs where users enter data so why not fix it
there? Especially as there are really only a couple of editors that
are used compared to a continually growing number of programs that
make use of osm data.

A map features JOSM plugin could present map features to the user in
all sorts of ways completely independent from the underlying tags.
Using icons, a tree to group similar features, in the users native
language, by frequency of use and so on.
It could even make use of the data on the map features page such as
render examples and photos and perhaps even parse the page
periodically so the user stays upto date with new tags.


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