[OSM-talk] trackpoints in JOSM

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Mon Jul 16 10:36:44 BST 2007

Immanuel Scholz wrote:

> "connect the dots" does not work with downloaded trackpoints either.
> Not only the timestamp, but also the association to an track is missing
> in the trackpoints downloaded from the server. They are really not more
> than just points, hence they are called "raw gps points" rather than
> "gpx" ;-)
> However, an posibility to download gpx files from the server could
> enable advanced stuff with JOSM.

You can already download (public) GPX files from the server, kind of:

etc. etc. etc.

It might be valuable to implement Potlatch's trackpoint ordering via  
the XML API (i.e. ORDER BY fileid DESC,timestamp - but not connecting  
any two points with a different fileid or where the difference in  



P.S. woo and yay for SOTM :)

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