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Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Mon Jul 16 12:25:40 BST 2007

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Barnett, Phillip wrote:
> Why would you want to do that?

Lots of reasons:

Now that they are bright yellow they are often useful landmarks - my
friend tells people to turn left after the speed camera to get to his house.

You may want to avoid roads with speed cameras (particularly if you are
pedestrian or cyclist) because they are placed in positions where people
commonly speed and there are other dangers on the road. They indicate a
position where at least n people have been seriously injured or killed
in accidents in the last m years (I can't remember the values of n and
m). Admittedly, It would be better to avoid the dangers and speeding
directly, but that's much harder to usefully survey.

Road safety campaigners might get some data from the police or somewhere
about accidents and what roads they occur on, and want to plot them on a
map. They might be interested in also putting speed cameras on that map
to see if they help. This kind of GIS to non-profit groups is one of
OSMs key goals.

Robert (Jamie) Munro

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