[OSM-talk] State of the Map - Feedback

Steve Chilton S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk
Tue Jul 17 13:37:06 BST 2007

Some questions:
1 Was it useful?

Yes, very much so. Any virtual community benefits from some face-to-face

2 Would you attend again next year?

Yes, other things being equal.

3 What was good about the conference?

Excellent range of presentations - from the abstract to the practical.
Networking opportunities INBETWEEN and AFTER formal sessions as
important as programme. 

4 What was bad about the conference?

Choices to be made when parallel things taking place. The audio (and
hopefully slides) afterwards should allow some catchup. Due to its
success in garnering delegates the main lecture room was too small -
floor sitting, etc. 

5 Was it good value for money?

Yes. More used to all-in accommodation at conferences (usually in Uni
halls), but I made my (hostel) [top] bunk and lay on it and that was

6 Should it have been longer?

NO. Although there was easily enough potential commitment/speakers to
have made it 3 days.

7 Was the food OK?

Very good in Uni. Indian rest also good - I had more than I could
squeeze in in front of me there.

8 Was the beer OK?

Yes, but didn't make the Fri warmup event so limited to sat eve which
was good as plenty of room to circulate and chat in KRO.

9 Where should it be held next year?

Europe somewhere - on the cheap flights to circuit.

10 Any other comments?

Also noticed gender imbalance of delegates (which I think mirrors OSM
overall), which certainly differs from that of practicising

Big thanks to all who were involved in organisation - Nick, 80n, Andy,
Steve, Robert, Jon and son (audio), ChrisP & co at ManUni and of course
anyone I've forgotten - for 2 days that have inspired me to bring some
dormant ideas up into actions pile.


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