[OSM-talk] Results from license debate - assing (c) to OSMF

Steve Coast steve at asklater.com
Tue Jul 17 15:40:39 BST 2007

On 17 Jul 2007, at 14:56, 80n wrote:

> On 7/17/07, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Once that is done, Steve can send the e-mail to users and get the  
> data
> > transferred, and as far as I concerned the licensing /problems/ are
> > over. (but that doesn't mean the debate is over!)
> I think you're misinterpreting Steve's intentions here.
> What he wants to do is E-Mail the contributors and ask them to agree
> that they will not be identified as the authors personally, but that
> it is sufficient for users to attribute the data to "OpenStreetMap
> Foundation" or something.
> It certainly wasn't clear to me what Steve's proposal was.  I think  
> we need to give Steve the time to explain in detail what his  
> proposal is.
> We shouldn't rely on an off-the-cuff remark that was made at the  
> end of a debate and which referred to something (attribution) which  
> was not even discussed much during the debate.
> Lets wait for an official announcement from Steve before  
> speculation and rumour gets out of hand and generates another flame  
> war.


My understanding was that there is confusion over whether you need to  
attribute all 9,000 OSMers if you use the data, or OSMF, or  
'OpenStreetMap' or 'OpenStreetMap.org' or 'the OSM project'...... or  
what? That is all I was trying to fix.

At the moment the signup page says you license your work under CC-BY- 
SA, but not that you license it /to/ anyone.

So, really, planet.osm should attribute all 9,000 people as I  
understand it. What I was trying to do was get a way so that people  
using our data can just attribute something simple and not all 9,000  
people. My intention when I picked the license 3 years ago was that  
people would attribute OSM, not 9,000 people. It's a lot to list on a  

My understanding is that the simplest way to do this is to ask  
everyone to grant rights to OSMF somehow to do this. I haven't fully  
thought this through :-)

I'm not trying to be evil, I'm not trying to change the license, I'm  
not trying to take rights away from people. I was trying to take one  
step towards smoothing things out. If I got it wrong, fine. If it  
won't work like this, fine.

I was hoping that we could start by taking some small steps like this.

have fun,

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