[OSM-talk] Two of the printed maps on the wall during SOTM

Jon Burgess jburgess777 at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 18 00:30:22 BST 2007

The two printed maps on the wall by the coffee table during SOTM were
generated from the images available via the links below. Both these
images are 7017x9933 pixels and are optimised for printing at up to A1

Map of UK (3.2MB)

Map of Ipswitch UK (4.4MB)

Peter Miller organised and paid for them to be printed and added the
text overlays during the printing (which I don't have available). 

The maps were generated with Mapnik + planet.osm using the script in SVN
at applications/rendering/mapnik/generate_image.py 
This script will render a bounding box to an arbitrary image size
(depending on available memory and CPU).

If you want to reproduce something like this then you may need to
experiment with the size of the text/roads/icons in the osm.xml file
since they will normally appear too small on a high resolution printout.


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