[OSM-talk] dogs and barking - lets get ourselves organised and get a dog!

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Wed Jul 18 07:23:45 BST 2007

As the saying goes, 'If you have a dog then don't bark yourself'. If we need
a lawyer lets get one (we already have an offer of financial support for
this). Please refrain from giving legal opinion if you are not a lawyer;
instead please us your time to frame the questions we should be asking and
describe what it is you are wanting to achieve.


I suggest we put a set of Use Cases on the wiki which can grow as required
and will allow us to relate this conversation back to a real purpose. Is
there already a wiki page where these use cases can be added? If not how
does one create one? And should we do so? Who was it on the panel who was
talking about Corner Use Cases?


Attribution:  There has been a recent discussion re attribution on
legal-talk  in the past week which I though had come to a proposal that
needed to be checked with a lawyer. Let's continue this discussion on
legal-talk and relate it to what has already been considered. If we re clear
about what we want then let's get a legal opinion.


Legal-Talk: I suggest that if you are interested in legal issues then you
subscribe and post to legal-talk where the details can be discussed and we
will report back to the main list when we have a conclusion or need to
bounce a question off a wider membership. Does that make sense? If we get a
lawyer we will suggest that they limit themselves to reading the legal-talk
list and posting to legal-talk. 


I for one want this resolved quickly and I am prepared to put some effort
into in, but only in a structured and disciplined way.




















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