[OSM-talk] Results from license debate - assing (c) to OSMF

Scott Walde scott at waldetech.ca
Wed Jul 18 17:41:14 BST 2007

Steve Coast wrote:
> My understanding was that there is confusion over whether you need to  
> attribute all 9,000 OSMers if you use the data, or OSMF, or  
> 'OpenStreetMap' or 'OpenStreetMap.org' or 'the OSM project'...... or  
> what? That is all I was trying to fix.
> At the moment the signup page says you license your work under CC-BY- 
> SA, but not that you license it /to/ anyone.
> My understanding is that the simplest way to do this is to ask  
> everyone to grant rights to OSMF somehow to do this. I haven't fully  
> thought this through :-)
I, for one, am fine with the copyright attribution reading something to
the effect of "(c) 2007 OpenStreetMap Contributers" but am hesitant to
assign my copyright to the OSMF.  My understanding when I signed up was
that my contributions were licensed under CC-BY-SA, not that I was
assigning them to someone else.

You might not be trying to "do something evil," but that wouldn't
prevent someone else from getting control of OSMF and changing the
license.  (which would be completely possible if the rights were
assigned.)  Currently, the concerned among us don't have enough of the
database to fork the project. (I'm _not_ talking about passwords...
planet doesn't have -- and doesn't need -- history, but a fork would)
Let's not set ourselves up for another CDDB/Gracenote.  (Once bitten...)


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