[OSM-talk] JOSM and mappaint - changes in elemstlyes.xml?

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at web.de
Wed Jul 18 20:16:56 BST 2007

Nick Whitelegg schrieb:
> Have just tried the 1.5 version of JOSM. The elemstyles.xml I had is no longer 
> rendering the different ways in different colours.  The previous version I 
> had was the 'josm-with-people.jar' (doesn't say what version it is).
> Looks like the format has changed. Have to admit that despite starting it (!) 
> I've lost track of recent developments on the mappaint plugin.
> My elemstyles.xml looks like:
> <rules>
> <rule>
> <condition k="highway" v="footway"/>
> <line width="2" colour="#00ff00" />
> </rule>

The file looks good.

Are you using Windows? The location of the plugin dir changed, so you'll 
need something like: C:\Documents and 
Settings\<user>\Anwendungsdaten\JOSM\plugins\mappaint\style, maybe 
you'll have to copy your files over then.

If it still won't work, you could simply send me the whole file and I'll 
have a look.

BTW: I've recently enhanced the mappaint plugin (to be able to use 
dashed lines, etc.), but these changes are still only source changes in 
svn as I may need to make some more changes. The binary mappaint.jar in 
svn is still 2 months old, so no changes from me here.

Regards, ULFL

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