[OSM-talk] JOSM goes multi data layer

Immanuel Scholz imi at eigenheimstrasse.de
Wed Jul 18 22:29:53 BST 2007


The latest JOSM now supports multiple data layers again. This was 
requested since about the day after I removed the feature over a year 
ago ;-).

As another big data source hits the main database (AND's 
netherland-parts-of-china-and-india map) the feature got more urgent. I 
think it is especally cool for people who want to compare two unrelated 
datasets ;-).

Every file open and every download opens the data into a new, seperate 
layer now. You can merge these layers using the merge button in the 
layer dialog. By selecting an layer in the layer dialog, you can switch 
the current editing dataset as needed.

Now for the bad news:

As the feature is a ground shaking one for the whole JOSM data holding 
structure, I expect many new bugs introduced :-(. If you run into 
problems that block you from mapping, please revert to the latest 
release from last week.

For Plugin writers:

Plugins, that used Main.ds could be affected as well. Main.ds now holds 
the dataset of the current editing layer rather than all the data 
together. If you are a plugin writer and your plugin is broken and you 
cannot fix it to work with josm-latest *and* the josm-1.5 release, 
please link a version which is working with the latest release at 

Ciao, Imi.

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