[OSM-talk] Segments, ways and order

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jul 20 09:56:31 BST 2007


>> This is a myth that we have to kill.  Some seem to believe this
>> would be a good idea, a kind of utopia, but assume the change-over
>> would be too hard and so nobody dares to try it.  I'd like to
>> challenge the latter assumption.
> I didn't mean to say it would be too hard to do.  But, it is certainly
> nothing you do in an afternoon.  It is more a matter of motivation and
> priorities.
> The biggest challenge would probably be to automatically convert as
> much data as possible.

In fact, it is quite obvious where the problems will lie once we  
start this conversion: branching ways, and non-contiguous ways.

Both of these can be identified and, mostly, changed to simple  
structures *now*, without changing the data model one bit, so that  
automatic conversion will be easier once it is attempted.

I am already doing this now; whenever I encounter such ways, I change  
them into simple linear structures. I'm also experimenting with a  
Perl script to find those cases that cannot be converted  
automatically. (Those that are auto-convertable are not too  
interesting for now.)


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