[OSM-talk] route=ncn and route=bus on same road

Dave Stubbs osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Fri Jul 20 18:10:53 BST 2007

> To be honest, I think it would be better with ncn as a tag, so ncn=yes
> instead of route=ncn. In fact, it could be extended to ncn=pavement,
> ncn=road, ncn=cycletrack - so ncn=foobar means it can be considered
> part of the route, and if you want to distinguish between the others
> you can read the tags. I'm especially trying to work out how to mark
> when the pavement beside the road is the (shared) cycle path without
> having to draw a parrallel cycle route (we don't draw pavements
> normally, by convention.)


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