[OSM-talk] New key, attraction= - use for museums, etc?

frankie roberto frankie at frankieroberto.com
Sun Jul 22 23:13:31 BST 2007

I'd like to propose adopting attraction= as a new key, for use with
any visitor attractions, be they mainly for tourists or locals.

Whilst it might be unadvisable to add yet another key, 'attraction'
seems to me to be a useful addition, that's not covered by any of the

I'd suggest:

attraction=      use for visitor attractions that are largely visited
on a one-off.

amenity=      use for common buildings/features serving a public
purposes, largely practical.

leisure=    use for services that are used for regular leisure
pursuits, eg sports or popular arts like cinemas, theatres and music

tourism=   use for services that are almost entirely targetted at
tourists, and which are largely practical. eg places to stay
(campsites, hotels), information centres and picnic areas.

historic=   use for either natural or man-made features that have
historic interest,  eg ancient geological features, castles and ruins.

Does this seem sensible?


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