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The following was posted on their dscussion forum on May 31, by Tim Rideout:

The People's Map has launched containing the following layers:

(1) 25cm resolution air photography from the Getmapping collection,

(2) 1 inch to 1 mile (1: 63 360) New Popular Edition mapping of England and
Wales from 1947 and Popular Edition mapping of Scotland from the 1920/30s.
These layers are provided by The XYZ Digital Map Company in association with
the National Library of Scotland. These images have been carefully
controlled to fit the National Grid. While they are copyright XYZ / NLS they
may be freely copied to create the Peoples Map and you are encouraged to use
them as a source particularly for place names. If you know that the modern
spelling of a name is different then please use the modern name, but only
when you are certain about this.

(3) The People's Map itself. This layer is not blank, but rather has started
out with the entire collection of British Isles mapping accumulated over the
last nine years by XYZ. This includes the British Isles data set which has
been merged into detailed street level 1:10 000 scale data sets for
Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff and parts of London. This means
there is a skeleton to start from in all areas. The British Isles data set
was, back in 1999, derived from the Digital Chart of the World, but since
then we have modified it and updated it almost out of all recognition. One
of the tasks, which is still being completed, is realigning all the objects
to fit the Getmapping LIDAR imagery, thereby giving a good fit to the air
photos. At present, for example railways and coastline, are realigned for
most areas, while e.g. roads and rivers have been done in some areas. We
hope much of this will be completed before the Editor is launched. Why was
this necessary? Because DCW data is very generalised and can be up to 1km
out of its correct position. For those that don't know DCW is a US Military
data set based on the International Aeronautical Chart series at 1: 1
million scale.

On 7/23/07, Abigail Brady <morwen at evilmagic.org> wrote:
> On 7/23/07, Steve Chilton <S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk> wrote:
> >
> >  Maybe a question on "how did you get this data?" to them would be good.
> > I know there was some conspiracy theory on IRC when site was announced.
> >
> The thinking as I remember it was that the road/rail data was probably
> based on vmap0 data, which had been annotated with classification numbers
> from an unknown source.
> --
> Abi
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