[OSM-talk] Request for submission of an edited collection of SOTM talks

Nick Black nickblack1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 13:55:30 BST 2007

Anyone with a few weeks to spare might interested in this.  Cambridge  
Scholars Publishing have asked if we (SOTM) are interested in  
publishing an edited collection of the SOTM talks.  I think it would  
be a great resource, but I definitely don't have the time to do it.

If anyone is interested, contact Sophia.


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> From: "Sophia Vitakis" <svitakis at c-s-p.org>
> Date: 23 July 2007 10:15:41 BDT
> To: info at stateofthemap.org
> Subject: The State of the Map Conference
> Dear Sir or Madame;
> I am writing to enquire whether you have any interest in
> submitting a proposal for publication (perhaps as an
> edited collection of essays) of the conference proceedings
> for the conference entitled The State of the Map Conference, that  
> was held July 14-15, 2007.
> Cambridge Scholars Publishing is currently expanding to
> include titles from geography, and the areas covered in your
> conference are of direct interest.
> Naturally, if you already have a publisher, or have no
> interest in converting the proceedings into a publication,
> please accept my apologies for this letter.
> Sophia Vitakis
> Cambridge Scholars Publishing
> www.c-s-p.org
> If you experience any difficulty reading this email,
> please send us an email to admin at c-s-p.org.
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Nick Black
nick at asklater.com

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