[OSM-talk] will we be nuked from orbit?

Nic Roets nroets at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 00:43:51 BST 2007

> Google don't get community (it's just the way they operate as a black
> hole, witness picassa, blogger &c.) and unless TT do some very clever

Well, their Google Earth Community / bbs.keyhole.com is quite vibrant
(says the guy who posted the most GE placemarks for South Africa). And
they've partnered with Tracks4Africa and many others.

But their goals are "eyeballs" and being hip and not to create a clean
dataset for long term use (which has serious consequences for routing
and rendering).

I'm quite happy with JOSM+YWMS+0.4 for the last week. But OSM is still
far from being as user friendly as Wikipedia or any other popular
internet community. I'm not pointing fingers or complaining, I'm just
stating the facts.

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