[OSM-talk] buildings

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Wed Jul 25 11:36:38 BST 2007

Dave Stubbs wrote:

> > Nah, that should be easy to fix by editing the Mapnik XML.  It's not
> > that scary, honest!
> Hey! Who was scared?! :-)

Hehe. I was when I first started poking it :-)

> It may not be scary, but it is completely undocumented. Unless there
> is some hidden documentation somewhere.

That's true, as far as I can tell.

> So how would you fix the XML? Botch the SQL, or is there some weird
> and wonderful symbolizer incantation?

The railway field is already being put into the database and pulled out
again by mapnik.  It should be a matter of adding a symbolizer
incantation - I'd probably copy/paste/adapt from the one for school and
change the colouring.  (These are in the <Style name="leisure"> block
for no good reason that I can see!)

Cameron (Disclaimer: I only started fiddling with Mapnik last night so I
may be leading you up the garden path here!)

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