[OSM-talk] Potlatch and the destruction of good work (N6 Ireland)

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Thu Jul 26 11:46:13 BST 2007

On 26/07/2007 10:40, Thomas Walraet wrote:
> David Earl a écrit :
>> Undo would be great, but wouldn't help in that situation, because they 
>> wouldn't realise they'd done anything that needed undoing. The 
>> 'immediate change' paradigm is fundamental to Potlatch, so it is hard to 
>> see what the solution to that is. Maybe just making it clearer that you 
>> really are changing live data.
> What about providing a "sandbox" Potlach for experimentation ?
> (fetching real data from the server, but not applying changes)

I think that would be great - I thought about suggesting it, until I 
thought about what it would involve to implement. Because changes are 
committed straight away, Potlatch presumably relies on the current state 
of the database, so it would have to keep a separate record of changes 
made in order to reflect any changes made so far to override what the 
database says. Basically it would need nearly everything a "commit" 
would need I think.

I say this based only on what I think I'd need to do if I was 
implementing that. I have no knowledge about exactly how it works inside.


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