[OSM-talk] gaining rights with experience, trust systems for on-line communities

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Thu Jul 26 14:03:08 BST 2007


Other community systems allow people to build up trust over time (ebay for


Possibly newbies might be restricted from altering the geometry of existing
features until they have been accepted by other editors and haven't earned


Until then they can either add new features in an existing areas, add tags
to existing features or work in virgin territory.


Alternatively the system could notice that someone with low 'status' (a
newbie) it trying  to alter content from someone with high 'status' (David
in Cambridge) and this should ring alarm bells and it could put the update
for moderation.


People have talked before about a SVN like check-in process with a comment
box to say why you did it. It might be a good point to remind people that
they are doing something significant and wrap up all the changes in one
convenient bundle for moderation or possibly reversion.


I definitely want to know when people are fiddling with Ipswich and areas I
care-take, Ideally I would like an email with the contents of the comment
box and the ability to reply or comment (even if their email address is
private and we use an internal email system).


I realise that this is all lots of work, but we have built something of
value now and need to protect it. I for one won't notice if someone has been
clowning with a road name unless the system tells me. I would also like to
be able to reach out and support and encourage new people in my area.















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