[OSM-talk] gaining rights with experience, trust systems for on-line communities

mike mike at bristolbeat.co.uk
Thu Jul 26 15:38:14 BST 2007

A simpler system would probably involve assigning more 'experienced' members
of the community to register as an official 'moderator' for a particular
area, perhaps by defining one or more bounding boxes that they are
personally familiar with.

A script could then run once per day / week and extract summary information
for that area, and mail it to the moderator.  Or alternatively, a web page
could provide summary information on demand - but I think an email might
work better.

The script could pull out things like:

 - new user in xxx your area added 10 objects, edited 4 objects [clickto
 - anonymous user in your area edited 2 objects [clickto view]
 - user yyy added 100 objects, edited 36 objects [clickto view]
 - user zzz added 100 objects, edited 36 objects [clickto view]

Of course this needs to hook into a sensible undo system, and some sort of
web interface to review and if necessary undo changes.

It should be fairly easy to spot and remove mistakes / spam / whatever as
you would soon come to know who is active in a certain area and how reliable
they are.  I guess you could contact new users to offer tips, etc.

Of course monitoring the planet or even a country is way too much for one
person, but individuals with knowledge of an area could probably do it
extermely well.

I believe this method is called post-moderation, i.e. you allow anyone to
post, but moderators can review and remove posts after the event.  This is
largely seen as preferable for community project to pre-moderation where
edits have to be approved before they are accepted, and also preferable in
many cases to closed or member only systems.

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