[OSM-talk] Playing with Mapnik rendering

Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Fri Jul 27 01:04:58 BST 2007

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Cameron Patrick wrote:
> Hi all,
> This would possibly be more appropriate on talk-au, but I suspect
> there's a higher concentration of Mapnik gurus and opinionated people on
> talk@ ... yesterday I had a shot at making Mapnik render maps of my area
> that look a bit more like some Australian street directories, where
> roads are thin lines with names written above or below them.  Here's a
> comparison showing a printed street map with Mapnik, Osmarender and my
> tweaked Mapnik styles near where I live:
>         http://largestprime.net/cameron/osm-tmp/nedlands-comparison.jpg

Something I notice on the mapnik and OSMarender maps is that the street
names on the vertical roads go in different directions. On the example
Australian map, they all go upwards. Can this be fixed by putting a
small bias so that roads up to, say, 355 degrees go upwards? This should
make the map look a bit better in places where roads are build
deliberately north-south.

Robert (Jamie) Munro
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