[OSM-talk] Someone looking after Tonbridge?

Gregory/LastGrape mapping at nomoregrapes.com
Sat Jul 28 09:09:50 BST 2007

I was just looking on OSM, as a user that likes to browse round online 
maps, rather than a contributor.

I noticed Tonbridge must of been caught in the recent floods:
and some roads in the pink ?hospital? are a bit tricky to get to unless 
you can go off-road.

I thought I'd flag it up for some one that's able to sort it out round 
there. I'm too busy to go into JOSM and fix where I know what's right as 
I'm heading down that way soon and got to pack. (sadly I won't be able 
to map or note road names).

And on a side note, I love that I can shift+click and drag an area to 
zoom too, can't do that on the other map data sites.

 From Gregory
mapping at nomoregrapes.com

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