[OSM-talk] Cycle mapping

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sun Jul 29 10:17:25 BST 2007


The cycle mapping a great, but here is a few more requests!


Can we have cycle parking marked on the closer zoom levels, possibly a 'C'
in a box, similar in design and colour to the 'P' in a box for car parking?
(there is lots of cycle parking marked in the middle of Ipswich).


Can we remove information about car parking from the rendering? I feel it
will clutter and confuse the map.


Can you render 'highway=track' as suitable for cycling unless otherwise
stated (there is a missing track east to west in this view)

13&layers=B00> &lon=159274.98405&zoom=13&layers=B00


Can we have buildings (area features) marked on the close up scales? (I have
described the Ipswich hospital in east Ipswich that way if you want to check
the rendering).


Can we have toilets marked on the close up mapping? (I have a few in central
Ipswich and in the main park if you want to check the rendering)


Finally, one for the longer term to-do list possibly. roads are still marked
as 'one way' on the cycle mapping even if they have a cycle contra-flow.
Well . on a cycle map I am really not that interested about information
about restrictions for cars, so can one-way arrows only displayed if there
is not a cycle contra-flow?  Museum Street in the middle of Ipswich is a
case in point. It is coded as 'one-way' with a 'cycleway=opposite_lane' but
is rendered as one-way on the new cycle mapping

15&layers=B00> &lon=128590.30116&zoom=15&layers=B00











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