[OSM-talk] Pedestrian crossings and barriers

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sun Jul 29 20:07:37 BST 2007

This seems to be one of those threads connected to a can of worms, and ok we
also can't upload anything today so we have got time to talk.

Would it not be reasonable to mark the central node of a simple junction
with 'highway=traffic_signal'. The simulator, router and renderer will all
assume that there is a column and a stop line on each approach and will
assume that pedestrians will be able to cross at certain times of the cycle.

For more complex junctions should we not put a node in the highway at the
stop line on each approach? A rendered might show an actual signal column
offset a little to the side of the road and appropriate road markings; a
vehicle routing program will add in a delay, and pedestrian routing engine
will assume someone can cross.

The assumption will be that pedestrians can cross at the stop line unless
there is a tag to the contrary 'crossing=no'.

In time, and if one was getting anal about it (and knowing us we probably
will!) one would then also need a node to the side of the road in the actual
position of the columns.

That would provide the basics for vehicle and pedestrian navigation, but it
could be enhanced by real staging and phasing information so the lights do
the right sort of thing, and in time may be wired up to take real time feeds
from the local urban traffic management system.

If this is what we what then we should make a clear distinction in Map
Features between a name for the feature that goes at the node of a simple
junction and also in the approach to a complex junction, and then the
distinct feature that is the actual column which goes beside the road.
Possibly traffic_signal is best used for the first of these and
'traffic_column' or something for the pole itself. 



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> On 29/07/2007 13:53, Peter Miller wrote:
> > Btw, I am adding 'highway=traffic_signal' tags to junction nodes where
> the
> > vehicle traffic is controlled by lights. At some time I may include
> nodes
> > for the actual light columns which might be interesting for some
> simulations
> > in the future. Personally I don't really like the icon used for a
> signalised
> > junction. The 3 lights don't 'sit' very well on the junction. Possibly
> > someone will come up with a better icon at some point.
> As someone observed, I have just put the highway=traffic_signals on the
> node for a signalised junction in Cambridge. I think the icon works well
> in osmarender for these, but then I suggested it :-)
> David

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