[OSM-talk] latin america

graham graham at theseamans.net
Tue Jul 31 20:41:07 BST 2007

Hi all (sobretudo los espanoles!),

I was looking at the world map and wondering why Latin America was so 
empty (apart from Sao Paolo!). So I asked some Latin American free 
software people and was told 'we have some collaborative mapping efforts 
, but they all have proprietary licenses, like this:

http://www.proyectomapear.com.ar/ '

So, I was going to suggest that they work on openstreetmap instead. But 
then I looked at the site and found that although we have a spanish 
language front page, that's all there is. I can't find a spanish mailing 
list or anything to help Spanish-speaking newbies. But I know there's a 
lot going on in Spain, so how do the Spanish mappers manage? IS there a 
separate web site or mailing list I missed?


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